Cyber and Deterrence: The Military-Civil Nexus in High-End Conflict

Franklin Kramer, Robert J Butler, Catherine Lotrionte
Content Type
Special Report
Atlantic Council
This paper analyzes cyber’s role in deterrence and defense—and specifically the military-civil nexus and the relationship between the Department of Defense (DoD), the civil agencies, and the key private operational cyber entities, in particular the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and electric grid operators. The focus of the paper is on high-end conflict including actions by an advanced cyber adversary, whether state or nonstate, and not on the “day-to-day” intrusions and attacks as regularly occur and are generally dealt with by governmental agencies and the private sector without military involvement. High-end conflict can be expected to include attacks within the United States homeland as well as in forward theatres.
Civil Society, International Security, Military Strategy, Military Affairs, Cybersecurity
Political Geography
America, Global Focus