Making the best of Brexit for the EU27 financial system

Andre Sapir, Dirk Schoenmaker, Nicolas Veron
Content Type
Policy Brief
The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union creates an opportunity for the remaining EU27 to accelerate the development of its financial markets and to increase its resilience against shocks. Equally, Brexit involves risks for market integrity and stability, because the EU including the UK has been crucially dependent on the Bank of England and the UK Financial Conduct Authority for oversight of its wholesale markets. Without the UK, the EU27 must swiftly upgrade its capacity to ensure market integrity and financial stability. Furthermore, losing even partial access to the efficient London financial centre could entail a loss of efficiency for the EU27 economy, especially if financial developments inside the EU27 remain limited and uneven.
Economics, International Political Economy, International Trade and Finance, Political stability, Brexit
Political Geography
Britain, Europe